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1. I’m all about storage hacks that can effectively de-clutter the house, because organization is kind of my thang.

2. I grew up being a Disney child, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I still watch Disney cartoons to this day, especially the classics (Beauty and the Beast, anyone?). But have you ever thought about these questions when you watched Disney movies? I haven’t. What happened to watching cartoons for the pure love and enjoyment of it all? Do we really have to think that much into everything? (Although I’ve gotta admit that many of these questions are all very legit)

3. I can relate to almost every single one of these. Does that mean that I’m old? But for the record, hospital personnel (and many EMS people) still carry beepers around.

4. Last week, Nadia Cakes rolled out their annual April Fools cupcake line. Of course I had to get them. I felt like many of them tasted similar (vanilla cake, vanilla frosting), but kudos to them for the beautiful, meticulously decorated cupcakes. I couldn’t get myself to eat the Tootsie Roll kitty poop. I just couldn’t.


5. Speaking of April Fools, did you see this? Imagine ALL THE GLITTER with one simple spray.

6. Peeeeps. You either like them or hate them. Here are 6 things that you probably didn’t know about those yellow marshmallow chicks. Me? I don’t mind them, but I also don’t buy packs and packs of them at a time. But Peeps s’mores? That’s something I’m on board with.

7. In case you’re into listening to Podcasts and you just happen to love food as well, here’s a list of some food Podcasts that you might want to check out. I’ve tried getting into the Podcast thing but listening to people talk on air just has never been my thing.

8. Sweet, decadent dessert bars that ooze melty chocolate, salted caramel, creamy Nutella, and peanut butter? I think I need to have every single one of these in my life.

9. These homemade noodles. They remind me soooo much of home. Chewy, non-uniformly knife cut noodles that puts any other kind of noodles to shame.

Have a wonderful week, folks!


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