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Welcome to the very first post of my new weekly series here on SEF, which I am calling “What You Need To Know Tuesdays”. I wanted to call it “What You Need To Know… Or What You Might Not Care About But I Want To Share It With You Anyway”, but then the abbreviation would’ve been WYNTKORWYMNCABIWTSIWYA, and that seemed a little ridiculous.

I figured this can be a place where I share interesting links I have stumbled upon on the interweb throughout the week, and serve as a platform for everyone to chime in and share things as well.

1. Did anyone try the birthday frappuccino from Starbucks last week? You know, the cake batter-flavored blended sugary drink that is topped with a pretty pink whipped cream that they rolled out to celebrate Frappuccino’s 20th birthday? It sounded amazing, and it tasted just as equally amazing.


2. Does anyone have any experience with compact digital cameras such as these or these? We have a big trip coming up and I really don’t want to lug around my giant heavy DSLR camera during this trip and would really like something that’s light, compact for traveling but yet still takes high-quality pictures like my DSLR. Thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

3. In case you’re planning on spring cleaning soon, here’s 10 handy-dandy little shortcuts you can use. I’m quite dreading the weekend when we decide to tackle cleaning and purging things from our garage.

4. This potato salad. Bacon and Sriracha? Sold.

5. Apparently I’m on a salad kick because this pasta salad also looks and sounds amazing. I have a feeling I’ll be making a lot of pasta salads this summer.

6. A brewing guide for all coffee lovers. It’s more like a flowchart, which greatly pleases my Type A OCD personality. Me? I usually either go for my Keurig or Starbucks/Caribou.

7. A list of useful nail hacks for future manicures. I don’t paint my nails and get manicures on a regular basis (unless you count once a year as “regular”), but I’m definitely going to refer back to this guide next time when I get them done!

8. Are you ready for Easter? If you’ll be knee deep in dying Easter eggs this weekend, here’s a guide on how to make your own natural dyes that’s pretty, vibrant, and bold in color.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!


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