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1. I think spring has finally arrived in Minnesota. The moment the temperature becomes warm enough to bust out our grill, it’s officially spring in our house. Grilling weather also means s’mores before dinner.

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2. Speaking of s’mores, did you hear Starbucks is coming out with a limited time s’mores Frappuccino? We all know I love s’mores things almost as much as mint chocolate things. So yes, I’ll totally be trying it out. Duh.

3. For years the mister has been trying to convince me that seasonal Reese’s peanut butter eggs/bunnies/hearts/Santas/whatevers taste way better than the regular peanut butter cups. I guess he was right, because apparently someone has proved that the Valentine’s ones won out with a whopping 60.34% peanut butter.

4. If you happen to live near these 10 best donut shops in the U.S., I’m jealous. I’m still searching for a favorite artisan/gourmet donut shop here in Minnesota.

5. Pasta that you won’t have to drain? Is it a genius idea, or is draining pasta really that big of an hassle?

6. This “Truth or Drink” video, Kids vs. Parents edition is both awkward yet cute at the same time. I would never ever ever in a million years play it with my parents. Noooo thank you. I envision a whole lot of awkward silences and blushing. And drinking. Definitely lots and lots of drinking.

7. Homemade cookie butter baking chips?! Say what??????!!!!! I think I’d be renaming them as “snacking chips”.

8. It’s been years since I’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy, but apparently they killed off Derek Shepherd last week and sparked an uproar on social media? And here I am, finding out about it a week later…

9. I stumbled upon this article on Yahoo! the other day that talks about the food blogging business. The food blogging world really is a wonderful little community with some amazing people in which I constantly find myself learning so much about all sorts of aspects of it every day.

Have a good week everyone!

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