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It’s been a while, but forgive me – I’ve been busy enjoying my 24 days off of work and school with a little vacation with the hubs in Seattle.

This trip to Seattle is actually both a vacation and a scouting trip. You see, we’re hoping that we can move here early next year for both a change of scenery and for a better food scene. Call me a nerd, but I’m moving for the food. Yes, I will move for food.

Seafood. I love seafood. Fresh crab, salmon, shrimp… And don’t get me started on all the authentic Taiwanese restaurants and bakeries in this area. I was practically drooling when I was scouting out all the Taiwanese restaurants three months prior to our departure date.

And just 6 hours after we arrived a few days ago, I was sold and am determined to live here someday.

It all started with a trip to Facing East, an authentic Taiwanese restaurant nestled in a strip mall in Bellevue. When I saw their menu, I wondered if I died and went to heaven.

I had the beef noodle soup and the hubs had the minced pork with rice (both very traditional dishes and both are must try’s!)



And of course, since we’re staying in downtown Seattle, a visit to the ever so famous Pike Place Market was a must.


…and the first ever Starbucks.


I’m taking full advantage of being in this city and trying to get some sort of fresh seafood everyday!

Cedar plank salmon with rainbow potatoes, assorted mushrooms, and asparagus.


Big gigantic calamari steaks and rosemary garlic fries.


Dungeness crab chowder (this was amazing!)


And of course, we had to make a trip to a Taiwanese bakery. I think this time the hubs was in heaven…


Right next door to the bakery was a bubble tea place, so of course we has to stop there as well.


Our biggest dilemma everyday is perhaps deciding on what’s for breakfast. There’s a French bakery downtown that has amazing eclairs and macaroons!


Stay tuned for more pictures!

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