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Now, before I go any further, let me make a disclaimer: I like to give sites credit when I tweak my recipes from their original ones. However, today when I went on Pinterest to find where exactly this recipe came from, it redirected me to a page “that no longer exists”…. so whoever came up with this recipe in the first place, let me know and I will gladly put your name/website on here :)

There has been a “pin” on Pinterest that both the hubs and I have pinned on separate occasions a while back that claims it’s supposedly “the best steak marinade in existence”. Since summer is slooooowly approaching and grilling season is upon us, we figured we’d try it out and see exactly how good it is.

It turned out to be something like this:


Looks pretty tasty huh?

steak marinade
  1. 2-10 oz ribeye steaks (or any other cuts of steak of your liking)
  2. 1/3 cup low-sodium soy sauce
  3. 1/2 cup EVOO
  4. Juice of 1 lemon
  5. 1/4 Worcestershire sauce
  6. 1.5 tablespoons garlic powder
  7. 3 tablespoons dried basil
  8. 1.5 tablespoons dried parsley flakes
  9. 1 teaspoon black pepper
  10. 2 cloves garlic, minced
  1. Add all the ingredients (except the steaks) into a large Ziploc bag. Stir to combine.
  2. Add the steaks. Squeeze out all the excess air, seal the bag, and make sure the steaks are covered completely by the marinade. Marinate the steaks in the fridge for up to 8 hours.
  3. About 30 minutes before you put the steaks on the grill, take the steaks out to room temperature.
  4. Using a charcoal grill, set the grill up so the coals are nice and hot.
  5. Place steaks over direct heat and cook for about 14 minutes, flipping once halfway through, or until it's done the way your like it.
Adapted from Unknown
Adapted from Unknown
Simple Everyday Food http://www.simpleeverydayfood.com/
We served our steaks with garlicky green beans and couscous (can you tell it’s our new favorite form of carbs? lol).


My conclusion: it’s not bad.

Just “not bad”?

Yeah. It was good, tasty, but nothing “amazing” (in my opinion). Lets just say that I’ll be sticking to my dry rub recipe next time. However, it did keep the steak pretty juicy and the Worcestershire and lemon flavor was pretty pronounced. Other than that, I wasn’t really able to taste any of the dry herbs that was in it.

Let me just quote something the hubs said: “if it claims it’s the ‘best marinade in existence’, it better be so amazing that I fall out of my chair.”

Maybe my project for the summer is to perfect this recipe and make it into my own version of “the best steak marinade ever” :)


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