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IMG_3724I’m just a foodie that had a dream of launching a food blog for years. Now that I finally have my own website, I’m excited to be part of the food blogging community! I’m just a novice food blogger that’s still learning the ropes of food blogging and everything that comes with the territory – photography, styling, programs, widgets, media…

I was fortunate enough to grow up with parents who made homemade meals every night for dinner, using the freshest ingredients possible. We would all gather around the dinner table and eat as a family with no distractions of technological gadgets, talking about our day at school. From an early age, I believed food had the power to bring people together and bring families closer.

My earliest memory of cooking involved helping my mother in the kitchen every night she cooked – washing vegetables, chopping vegetables, seasoning poultry, and helping her with whatever she needed a hand with. She was the chef, and I was her little sous chef. We worked great as a team, and she taught me tips and tricks in the kitchen I still use to this day.

Fast forward years later, I am a vet tech student living in the wonderful state of Minnesota with a wonderful husband and two furry four-legged babies. My early cooking experiences as a child has led me to become an adventurous, creative cook in the kitchen (I wouldn’t use the word “chef”, as I don’t quite cook at that level). Being a student with two jobs can sometimes limit the amount of time I get to spend in the kitchen, so I try to make food that is often simple, delicious, and nutritious all at the same time.

I’m not a fancy cook – I don’t have a big kitchen with all stainless steel appliances. I don’t have cupboards full of fancy cookware, gadgets, bowls, plates, and props like some other people do (although my collection of is slowly increasing by the day!). I’ve only learned to cook through watching my mother and what people do on television. My cooking style is pretty simple – flavors that are well-balanced and presentation that is (super) simple. The food I make is exactly like the name of this blog – simple, everyday food that most people can relate to.

Thanks again for being part of my food blogging journey! Follow me as I continue to learn everyday about how to create an interesting blog with beautiful, mouth-watering pictures of food.

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