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1. I’m totally guilty of #1 on this link, “16 Ways Foodies Drive You Crazy”


Yep, that is sooooo me! Ask Brian. Half the time when I make things that end up on this blog, he suffers from having to sit in front of hot, yummy-smelling food while I take pictures of it until I’m satisfied. Even though he always sits there patiently staring at his food telling me to take my time, I still feel guilty about making him wait.

2. I really need to get this notebook. It’d probably constantly be full of homework/projects/errands that I need to get done. I’m notorious for making lists. I think I have a list with me at all times – on my phone, in my purse, in my wallet, on my MacBook… on paper, on receipts, electronically, on napkins… if it’s not on a list, it’s not going to get done! My favorite part about making a list is the satisfaction I get when I finally get to cross it off. I’m sure all list-makers would agree with me on that.


3. I thought it was the most genius idea when Reese’s came out with the miniature peanut butter cups. It’s like they knew that their product was so good that people hated wasting time trying to unwrap peanut butter cups from their wrappers. Did you know Starburst now also has a mini “unwrapped” version?!


[photo source]

For you Starburst lovers, you won’t have to waste precious time peeling the wrappers off of these fruity chewy candies anymore!

4. It’s Shark Week all week! Is anyone else a fan? Nothing like being fascinated by those ginormous predators on TV and spooking yourself out when you step foot in the ocean… Anyone watch Monday’s episode about Megalodon? I personally think they exist based on the facts they provided.

5. For the past two weekends (and this weekend), we have been fortunate enough to have the weekends off of work. And even more fortunate that the weather has been gorgeous this whole time! We’re excited that it’s going to be another picture-perfect weekend! Brian is excited to try out some new recipes from the cookbook I bought him a few weeks ago, so stay tuned!

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