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1. In case you missed it, this past Saturday was National S’mores Day! I celebrated this “holiday” by making peanut butter s’mores cookies. These turned out to be a huge hit! Everyone who was fortunate enough to try a bite became instant fans. As I was shooting photos for that post, Brian was able to get an “action shot”:

photo 1

I’m not sure if Bentley wanted to be part of the picture, or if he was just waiting for the opportune moment to steal some peanut butter cookies…..

And to round out the day, we stopped by Dairy Queen for the first time this summer (I know! Crazy, right?) after dinner and I just had to order their S’mores Blizzard.

photo 2

Best. Blizzard. EVER! Let me just say that it was about 32498714 times better than what I thought it was going to be. It definitely exceeded all my expectations and then some. Definitely wasn’t disappointed.

2. The sitcom FRIENDS is perhaps one of my favorite shows ever. I’ve probably watched every episode at least 5 times (that’s a conservative estimate), and I can tell you exactly which episode it is by watching the first 30 seconds of a clip. I can also recite many parts of the show word for word, in the character’s exact same tone of voice.

….as if you didn’t know I was a nerd already……..

My best friend Nicky (Hi Nicky!) who was my maid of honor knew I loved the series so much that she got us the entire season as a wedding gift.

Here are 25 facts that you probably didn’t know about FRIENDS. Did you know Ross’ middle name is Eustace? And that during its run, the show actually released 2 soundtracks?

3. I knew from a long time ago, McDonald’s around the world tend to cater their menu to the palates of the country’s population. When we went to Hawaii, their McD’s had menu items involving Spam. In Taiwan, they have shrimp burgers, rice burgers, and some sort of a grilled salmon burger on their menu too. But did you know about these other food items offered at different international McDonald’s????

  • Bulgogi Burger (South Korea) – yes, I’d like to try that.
  • Spinach and Parmesan cheese chicken nuggets (Italy) – uh, gross.
  • Singapore Curry, Korean Chili, and Sesame Miso dipping sauces for chicken nuggets (Hong Kong) – yes please!
  • Vanilla chai tea iced frappe (Canada) – these should be sold at every McDonald’s in the US.
  • Toblerone McFlurry (Turkey) – as if those chocolates aren’t good enough by itself…

Maybe next time I travel out of the country, it will be my mission to try something different from their McDonald’s.

4. Has anyone read the book Orange Is The New Black? I’ve been seeing the name brought it in various social medias, and was wondering if it’s worth reading or not.

5. Most of these pictures made me smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Some of them brought tears to my eyes. It just shows that as cruel as the world may seem sometimes, true love and devotion still exist.

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