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Yikes. I went a whole week without making anything worth posting.

Now that I think about it, I don’t even think I made anything substantial in the kitchen since last week. It’s been a bad eating week for me, and I only have a hectic work and school schedule to blame. The first week of school was busy – getting back into the school mentality has been a challenge after a whole 4 weeks of summer off. Five classes, 7-8 big projects due in about 2 months, and a ton of reading to do. It’s only the second week and I’m sooooo behind already!

I promise I’ll be more active in the kitchen this weekend. I already have several things in mind to make, so stay tuned!

1. Because life has been so busy, I’ve been falling behind in my blog reading… my life has literally been revolving around school, work, studying, and trying to get enough sleep in between. I haven’t even really had time to spend time with Bentley or the hubs! I took this snapshot a few days ago. Since then, I did finally get most of my emails read, but my Feedly feed now has more than 360 unread food blog articles! Yikes.

photo 1

2. I found this link called “21 Reasons Why A Dog Is The Best Investment You Will Ever Make“. A lot of them made me smile. Some made me sad. But it really made me realize how much joy Bentley has brought to our lives in the past 1.5 years :)


3. Have you ever wondered why “scratch paper” is called “scratch” paper? It’s not like we use it to scratch anything. We use it for taking notes, making paper airplanes, and do math calculations… why couldn’t it be called “recycled one-sided paper“? The name seems like it makes a lot more sense to me.

4. We went to a local goat farm yesterday as part of our Large Productions Animal class. Baby goats! They were so cute! We learned how to restrain, do jugular blood draws, and trim hoofs. I’m not a farm girl, but I definitely loved those little buggers.

photo 5

photo 2

photo 3

5. I think I want to make these sometime. They seem simple on paper. And they include my favorite berries… so therefore I consider it a healthy dessert.

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