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I decided to start this little section called “This Week In Review” that will document life’s random things as well as random thoughts that cross my mind during the week. I figured this can be a way for me to take a break from all the cooking, baking, studying, and working, and still be able to write something lighthearted on here on a regular basis…. so here we go!

1. I’m sure our bank account hates it when I shop at Bed Bath and Beyond. It doesn’t help that we get coupons in the mail all the time – they just have so many fun things in there! I finally broke down and bought a Silpat and a garlic press this past weekend! Woo hoo for new toys!

photo 1

2. Yes, that was a donut pan you saw in the picture. Who’s excited to make healthier donuts? This girl sure is! My first experiment was making key lime donuts – they turned out to be a success!

3. My second to last quarter started on Monday. Back to wearing scrubs 4-6 days a week. Five classes – I hope I survive!

4. I’m very into iced tea lately. I found these at Kowalski’s a few weeks back and decided to make a quart of it a few nights ago. Although I’m all about being healthy, next time I’m going to be adding a little simple syrup to it. I’m sure that defeats the purpose of tea being good for you, but oh well.

photo 2

5. Every year we have to do a Hazardous Material (HazMat) training for work – we review how to triage, set up decon tents, and don HazMat suits. I got to do mine today! Today’s main topic was about blast explosions, mass casualties, and radiation exposure. In addition to the 95-degree heat, we got to wear lovely suits that are anything but breathable and play with Geiger counters (did you know Secret deodorant can set it off?!)

photo 3

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