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Instead of writing a blog post on what my life has been like lately (because who would want to listen to me talk about my day when that’s what husbands are for), I decided to write about a few “new” things in my life that are more worth talking about…

1.  What’s new: Books

The Goldfinch

I initially saw a fellow food blogger post this book on her Instagram feed months and months ago, and a few months later, it was listed as one of the “Top 10 books” on People magazine, and since anything that makes it on Instagram and People magazine must be good, I decided to give it a try. I’m only about 10% into the 770-page book, but so far I like it. Not quite the page-turner I was hoping it would be, but it’s good enough to keep me interested in reading a few chapters every night. I’ve heard from multiple people that it does turn out to be quite a good book in the end, so I’m hoping things will pick up a bit the more I get into it.

Since we’re on the subject of books, can I just say that my books-I-want-to-read list on Amazon is growing by the week? It started out as 14 books. Then it grew to 20. Now it’s currently sitting at 29 books. That’s going to be a lot of money spent on books. 


Where I’m going to find the time to read 29 books, I don’t know, but I’ll keep you posted.

2.  What’s new: Things

I’m in love with this honey pot from Le Creuset. They also have a garlic keeper that is also on my “Want” list on Amazon (Yes I already have one. No there’s nothing wrong with the one I have… all Le Creuset products are just automatically cooler in my world).

3.  What’s new: TV shows


New seasons for Survivor and The Amazing Race have started. I’m digging the new Brawn vs. Brains. vs. Beauty thing Survivor is doing this season…. it’s about time they change things up a bit. I think I would totally belong in the Brains tribe – I’m too big of a nerd not to. I’m also very excited that one of my all-time favorite Food Network shows – Worst Cooks in America, is back on again. Have you ever watched that show before? It’s awesome. I’m Team Anne all the way!

4.  What’s new: Weather

I think the state of Minnesota was saving their warm weather for after we have “sprung forward”, because it has been in the high 40s for the past two days, and everyone is loving it. People can finally go out without a heavy winter coat. They are now driving with windows down (bless their brave souls – I’ll wait til May to do that). Just yesterday I went to the gas station and two ladies carried out a total of 6 Slurpies.

#youknowitswarminminnesotawhen: 1) 40 degrees is considered a “heat wave”, and 2) people are walking around in shorts and a hoodie slurping on cold blended beverages.

Everyone came out of their winter hibernation and are now out and enjoying the sunny warm(er) weather. It’s amazing what a 10-degree jump in temperatures can do to your psyche… even Bentley is in love with this warm up since he got to go to the dog park two days in a row!

With winter, cold, snow, and salt on the roads also comes with everyone’s favorite – potholes. Not just your ordinary little potholes – these are potholes big enough to swallow my car. I hit a ginormous pothole on the way to the coffee shop a few weeks back and I thought the whole front wheel of my car was going to break off. I think my heart jumped to my throat, my hands got super sweaty, and I probably mumbled a few curse words under my breath.

The interstates are just as bad. Driving on the highway is like driving Mario Kart trying to dodge the slippery banana peels. Except I not only have to watch out for banana peels (patches of black ice), I also have to swerve and avoid hitting potholes that can break my car. I have already learned where all the major potholes are on my route to work – I can probably draw you a map of where each one is located (and if it’s towards the left or right side of the lane). It takes talent to be able to drive anywhere without your teeth clattering half the way to your destination.

5. What’s new: Food


Have you seen these before? I saw it on commercial last week and decided to give it a try. It also comes in a sharp white cheddar flavor, but I think the cheddar ranch is my favorite. I was actually pleasantly surprised – they do have the texture of a “chip”. Not chip as in potato chips, but like a cracker chip. It’s got a nice crunch to it, which I actually prefer more than the original flakier Cheez-Its. They are also extremely addicting. I catch myself reaching into the box eating one after another after another after another. Even when my brain tells me it’s enough, my mouth still tells me it needs more….

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