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Happy 2015 everyone! Did everyone have a good holiday season? I felt like everything after Thanksgiving of last year was all a blur. We had our turkey, we had our leftovers, and the next thing I knew, Christmas somehow crept up on us, then BAM! it was over. Just like that.

Life really got the best of us this year because we didn’t even have time to put up our Christmas tree. Tragic, right? At least we did hang our stockings and buy ourselves a wreath to hang on our door. I did make some Christmas cookies, listened to some Christmas jingles on the radio, Christmas shopped for Brian and Bentley, and ate my fair share in all things peppermint chocolate. So all in all, I guess it was a pretty good holiday season – simple and low-key.

As we waved 2014 good-bye and welcomed in 2015, here’s just a few of my accomplishments that occurred in the past year:

  • One of my new year resolutions for last year was to be better at keeping photo memories of our lives. I’m glad to say that I stuck to this all year and have an over-stuffed Project Life binder to prove it! It’s been fun capturing little everyday things, developing them into tangible photographs, and jotting down little notes and memories into my Project Life binder! I’ll definitely be continuing this for years and years to come.
  • I also managed to organize all my recipes into binders and categorized them according to the type of dishes they fall into. For This project actually started a few years ago and the number of recipes I started to collect grew so much that I actually had to buy separate binders for individual categories of food! I now have a separate binder for cakes and cupcakes, then another one for bars/brownies/blondies and cookies, one for all things s’mores and peppermint+chocolate, and a separate one for Thanksgiving alone!


  • This year was also the year of culinary firsts for me – I learned how to make cake pops, a three-layered cake, homemade salted caramel, Swiss meringue buttercream, homemade marshmallows, royal icing-decorated Christmas cookies, meringue cookies, homemade ice cream, and homemade apple butter. And I successfully carved a beautiful turkey with a surgeon’s precision on Thanksgiving.


  • I got LASIK! You can read about my experience here.
  • I officially became a certified veterinary technician and landed myself a full-time job at one of the best hospitals, less than two months after graduation. I now work with some amazingly talented individuals who teach me something new every day.

So there you have it, my friends! Here’s to an equally amazing 2015! xo

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