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Every year when the Packers come in town to play the Vikings, Brian and his little buddies have a little boys weekend they call the “Norsemen weekend”. Every year someone plans and makes t-shirts for everyone, then when the weekend finally comes around, they hang out, catch up on Saturday night.. then on Sunday, they tailgate all day and go watch the game at the Metrodome.

When my friends and I tend to either go shopping or go eat when we get together, Brian and his friends, well.. they watch football. I guess it’s what brings guys closer. Whatever works I guess.

About two months prior to this weekend, Brian said to me one day, “You know what you should do this year for our Norsemen trip? You can make us purple and gold cupcakes for tailgating!” So not only do I have to stay at home by myself all weekend, I have to make him cupcakes.

IMG_2118 copy

IMG_2132 copy

Doesn’t sound like such a good deal for me, if you ask me.

Well, as the weekend came closer, I decided what the heck – I’ve had a baking itch for a few weeks now, so not only would baking Vikings cupcakes satisfy my itch, it’d also be something nice to do for him and his buddies. Even though today would’ve been the only day I could sleep in all week, and despite the fact that I have a gazillion things to do for school, I decided to get up early and make cupcakes.

IMG_2097 copy

IMG_2128 copy

Just me, the kitchen, and Pandora. It truly was the best therapy.

And let me tell you, these cupcakes turned out to be exactly how I envisioned them to be!

IMG_2113 copy

IMG_2137 copy

I really should win a Wife Of The Year award for this.

Looking for football game day fingerfoods? Here are a few you might like…

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Wonton wrapper wrapped mozzarella sticks

IMG_2017 copy

Hot cheesy corn dip


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